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Transport and storage

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CalPol offers transport of its products directly to the customer. Modern fleet of fully equipped truck tractors and semi-trailers such as: silo, tarpaulin, tipper enables delivery of products to every region of Poland and Europe. By means of vehicle monitoring (GPS monitoring), we can continuously track the location of our vehicles, taking care of the safety of drivers and transported loads. Our own service and vulcanization ensures that the vehicles are ready to carry out orders at any time.


We have our own logistics facilities with a total area of 3200 m2. Our warehouses allow for storing fertilizers in optimal conditions and provide appropriate stock for the execution of orders. Trained staff with the help of specialized vehicles such as: forklift trucks, telescopic loader will load our products on any type of semi-trailer.

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Our strengths:

  • modern fleet
  • experience
  • timeliness
  • reliability
  • GPS monitoring
  • independence of unloading
  • own vulcanization and service