Agricultural lime <u>from the heart of the Jura</u>
Agricultural lime from the heart of the Jura
CALPOL Quality Guarantee

Advantages of using the preparation Wapniak polski

  • Reducing the adverse effects of soil acidity
  • Reducing the adverse effects of soil acidity
  • Beneficial effect on the development of good microflora
  • Improving the physical properties of the arable soil layer
  • Strengthening the plants
  • Protection of plants against diseases
  • Reduction of acidification
  • Reduction of harmful fungi and parasites
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Advantages of using the preparation <u>Wapniak polski</u>


Our lime is available in packages of 25 and 500 kg. Please get acquainted with our offer

Raciszyn Deposit II

We extract our lime from deposits located in Raciszyn near Działoszyn. The town is located about 30 km north of Częstochowa and has been closely connected with the limestone industry for centuries. Limestone was successfully mined by the local people a long time ago. Thanks to its rich tradition and high quality raw material, Raciszyn deposits II have gained recognition, reputation and trust in the mining industry.

Extracting is carried out using the opencast method with the use of modern equipment. The milling centre in Raciszyn is considered to be one of the most modern in this part of Europe.

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Raciszyn Deposit II